T. Roth and Another Pretty Face  Midway thru the recording of "21st Century Rock", outside influences and inside circumstances necessitated the departure of Larry D'Amelio. The remaining keyboard tracks were performed by session men and A.P.F.'s own sound technician, Blake Levinson. Blake filled in on keyboards in the live show until permanent replacement Paul Brazzo (Carl's younger brother) was rehearsed and
ready. It was around this period that The Band left the Farm in Pa. and moved to an estate in Old Tappan, N.J.

It was also during this time that A.P.F. was trying to get out of a "small town" management/agent deal they had foolishly signed in their infancy. Litigation, of course, ensued. Due to personal reasons, it was mutually agreed that Russell would leave the band. Russell was replaced by Charles Peer, whose band Rivendell had opened for A.P.F. at many N.J. venues. The band remained in this configuration until the demise of ANOTHER PRETTY FACE(Part One).

Capitol Records, who was the initial label to show interest, had personnel changes and the "new regime" wasn't interested in taking on a band in litigation. The album was "shopped" by a new manager, but between the litigation and the musical trend moving to "punk", there were many suitors, but no "takers". The band, however, continued playing 5 nights a week to sold out crowds up and down the east coast.

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