Riverworks Records

 MIRELLA VELAZQUEZ is the “total package” exclaims Producer, Co-composer PAUL SCATTARETICO. MIRELLA is a multi-faceted pop singer, composer, and dancer...MORE
 JOSE FERNANDO was born in a small town in the north of the Dominican Republic called "La Canela", and his musical talent was recognized at the age of 3...MORE  EN ESPANOL
 PAUL JAMEL DAVIS is a dynamic, multi-faceted performing artist. PAUL JAMEL is a singer, dancer, and writer of contemporary popular crossover music...MORE
 LEANN SERAO grew up in the Bronx in a musical family environment. Her father was a full time musician and singer. Her brother and older sister were also very talented...MORE
 STEF DAVIS is a powerhouse male vocalist with a wide vocal range and a commercial sound. Stef realized at an early age that his love for music...MORE
 T. ROTH AND ANOTHER PRETTY FACE was born in 1972, when a group of students from Lafayette College in PA. fragmented from a "wedding band" ...MORE
 The SCATT BROS are a DJ/production Duo comprised of Paul & Frank Scattaretico, hailing from Westchester, New York....MORE