Mirella  We are proud to introduce you to JAMEL DAVIS, a dynamic, multi-faceted performing artist. JAMEL is a singer, dancer, and writer of contemporary popular crossover music, who is destined to be a world-renowned musical artist of the 2000s.

JAMEL possesses an expressive and emotional vocal range, and though his roots lie in R&B, his appeal crosses
over musical boundaries. Harlem bred, he is presently living and recording in the suburbs of New York.

JAMEL started his career performing in a family band with his two brothers and his father on drums. The group eventually evolved into an exciting R&B act featuring precision choreography with JAMEL as lead vocalist. Their most noted performances include a special appearance at the WALDORF ASTORIA with GLADYS KNIGHT and BILL COSBY and several appearances on the world famous SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO and AMATEUR NIGHT AT THE APOLLO, on which they won significant first-place finishes. JAMELís performance credits include acting in various OFF BROADWAY stage plays and musicals.


We invite you to listen to JAMELís recordings as well as watch his live performance.

The MUSIC: Listen to the powerful lead vocals; hear JAMEL singing the complex backing harmonies; appreciate the memorable and inventive tunes; feel the rhythmic pulse; share JAMELís musical vision.

The LYRICS: JAMELís lyrics are positive and longing for a better world, based on love. Note his honesty and earthy delivery.

The LIVE SHOW: Although JAMELís stage show features a full live band with talented instrumentalists, the eyes of the audience continue to be fixated on JAMELís energetic delivery and dancing. JAMELís charismatic personality and dynamic live performance enthralls audiences.